There is no question that we are living and surviving in difficult and challenging times. We are all doing the best we can to deal with this virus that has taken over our lives. We mourn the loss of all those who have been taken from us and we give thanks to all the health care workers, first responders, teachers, essential workers, business owners, law enforcement and moms and dads who have, each in their own way, helped us to deal with this new reality.

The good news for Marylanders is that it appears, as of the end of August, that our crisis is steadily waning and has been doing so for several weeks. In my District, our numbers have remained relatively low as has our death rate. With more businesses opening, schools beginning to reopen, therapeutics improving and vaccines promised by the end of 2020, we all trust and pray that the worst is over.

The General Assembly that was forced to shut down early due to the virus is, for now, expected to convene for the 2021 session as usual and there is much to do. Legislation from last year remains unfinished and new issues are waiting to be tackled.

I will continue to send out my weekly updates as I have done in the past and have continued to do over the months since the General Assembly closed.

Our office has been working with the people in our district assisting with business re-openings, unemployment claims, and financial assistance of a variety of methods. We will continue to do so.

We hope you and your loved ones are safe and healthy and that you continue to remain so.

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